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Fire and Light Ceremony and Meditation for the Luna Eclipse Gateway

The Starlight Temple is delighted to be holding space for a by donation Full Moon Fire and Light Chamber ceremony.

This is a ceremony of Clarity, Gentleness and Softness - after the Storm of the Eclipse window- this divine night is our arrival.

We will gather in an energetic circle to cleanse and transmute that which the mighty Eclipse window stirred up in us.

Clearing and transmuting with the Temple Fires on this gateway night.

The ceremony is one of harmonisation and rebirth. Held in Tantric and Emerald code light chamber, we will be receiving and attuning to 5 Softness medicine energy frequencies that will assist us in soothing the different bodies of the self and melting into vibrational oneness with more of cosmic destinies.

The softness Frequency medicines will be:

Lavender for gentle wisdom of the Mind

Chamomile for Calming the Nervous System

Rose for Infusing love into the Emotional body

Dandelion of illuminating the Energy body

We will end the ceremony in the frequency of Rosemary as brings us into connection with the Eden Frequencies of mother Gaia.

This is a beautiful ceremonial journey of raising your vibration and becoming more of your divine Self

It is overlighted by Mary Magdalena, Sananda, Goddess Luna and Gaia, and supported by the Lumeria - Aquaria Lineage Temples, The Star Council of the Light, The Plant Kingdom and the

This Ceremony is by donation, you donate afterwards or before - whatever feels right in your heart. Please donate here:



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