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Channeling for great Ascension from The Kah

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

“Dear Children of Love, of Light, of Life, of mystery 

We speak to you now with endless love pouring from our hearts to yous

and deep reverence for all that you are

We see you and know that this time of great change that you are now living 

requires great courage. We see the courage of your souls, of your selves.

We say to you that any time that creates mass vulnerability

any time that requires courage holds immense opportunity for wisdom and evolution. 

This time of separation is the beginning of becoming separated from 

that which no longer serves you… 

politically, traditionally, environmentally, socially and karmically

At this time there is great healing happening some of which you can see and some of which you can’t in this time of enforced separation

enforced isolation 

there is a 

great opportunity 

You who have all been so time poor

now have the time to turn inwards 

to heal to listen to create and to dream 

to re-evaluate 

to re-align into the values of the 

Aquarian way“

Kahreela x


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