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Ceremony not Story…

This is one of my Guide’s catch cosmic-phrases of 2020. They say it over and over and over again. To me, to One to One clients, to groups on my courses.

“Move from the story to the Ceremony, story is how you lived unconsciously. Ceremony is how you live consciously. Be in the Ceremony of the Change that is happening not the story of the changes…. “

Today they said it again during a one to one and for the first time I felt it.

The meaning of it dropped inside of me… possibly because I have spent all summer letting go of my stories. I was feeling into this beautiful choice, that we have in every moment. To be in the ceremony or to be in the story and I was trying to quantify the difference. What makes a moment ceremonial rather than story?

When it came to me my heart burst open. Writing about it now I well up. It’s Connection! It’s Channeling!

All of nature, all of the Universe is always in ceremony. But human ceremony is different.

We are not rainmakers - that is the ceremony of the trees. We are not the pollinators - that is the ceremony of the bees. We are not the remembers- that is the ceremony of the stones and crystals. We are not the time -cycle makes, that is the ceremony of the sun, moon, and stars.

We are are Mother Earth’s communicators. Our ceremony is communication. We are the masters of communication on this Earth.

It is a very sacred form of ceremony, if fact it gives us the opportunity to be part of the rainmaking, pollinating, time-cycle making ceremonies. Because we can communicate we can translate any ceremony we can be part of any of the ceremonies of nature or the universe… there as translator… there as communicator… there as a connector... there a the one that can bridge these ceremonies and connect them to each other.

Our human ceremonial gift of communication means we can be part of every ceremony in nature, spirit and the Universe. It is a privilege is beyond words. Channeling is our innate human ceremonial gift in action.

When we channel our truly connect in any moment, no matter how challenging, we are living our human ceremony and not our human story. We are living our collective purpose and this scared privilege of our nature. We are free in those moments, we are blessed in those moments, we are in those moments who we were born to be. Limitless because our life is in communication with the Universe.

Channeling is a birthright. One that every day I become more humbled by and grateful for.

I am so honoured to be holding space for Course In Channeling and Connection for the end of this year - a year that has been such an incredible ceremony for Change!

Much love, Kahreela x

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Wow, just wow xxx

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