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We are masked!!!!!

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

“We are masked!!!!! We’re masked! We are masking our Truth! We masking our truth and now this is being shown to us in the most undeniable way!”

That was my flash realisation during a morning meditation. Those words struck me like lightning! For me, it was a breakthrough, a moment of seeing a way forward, a way that I could help to ‘be the change’ in this time of crisis. A crisis which - I understood in that moment- is so much more than simply the Covid pandemic…

My meditation breakthrough of “We are Masked!”, is because I suddenly realised that the collective consciousness is showing us in a blatant undeniable way that we living masked lives! We mask our truth. Especially when we are afraid, we mask our expression and stifle the clarity of our voices. We give the responsibility of our truth away and allow our truth to be controlled. We use the Magic of Lying - all the time! To ourselves, to people we don’t want to hurt, to control how we are seen in the world, to keep the peace and so on. Masking our truth has become a way of safety, especially when we are vulnerable or scared. We have come to believe that masking our expression is acceptable and possibly essential to our survival.

Why do I believe the masks of the pandemic are a reflection of the crisis of Humankind masking our truth?

Because of my path, my work, my life has become about shadow work (healing through the deep subconscious.) This journey has taught me to perceive life in a different way from how I used to. It taught me to see my life as a map as a reflection of my consciousness and subconscious. When there is something going on that is uncomfortable for me I visit my subconscious and find a root reason why it is manifesting. Once that reason is uprooted it slowly leaves the map of my life - my reality changes. This can also be applied to collective reflections. When something is happening on a collective level there is a root cause in the collective shadow. With the collective shadow, I am seeing it in the world I can dive in and uproot it within me and help the reflection/manifestation to change - of course- when it comes to the collective shadow the more of us that do the faster it will change.

One of the best ‘rules’ of shadow work is that when you are seeing/experiencing something uncomfortable and unignorable in the map of your life it is because it is ready to be purged/healed/released.

My meditation moment of realisation was that what we are seeing reflected in the COVID “wear Masks” crisis, from a shadow-work perspective means that the collective consciousness is ready to purge and release our habits/responses/reasons that cause us to mask our truth.

How exciting that we as a humankind tribe are ready to be un-masked? It’s epic that we are getting ready to be in the full and reverent expression of our truth! What a world we could have if we all unmasked our truths now?

The masking of our truth is most certainly a bigger collective crisis than the Covid pandemic. Politically, Socially, Environmentally the masking of truth has been causing damage for years - it urgently needs to be addressed. I believe the time is Now for us to Unmask!

I am not writing this to debate whether physical masks are the right or wrong thing to do in this Covid -crisis. Everyone is holding their own truth around that. Whether you believe wearing a mask is the right or wrong thing. No-one can actually wants to live in a world where people are masked. It’s Uncomfortable (ready to be purged!)

I understand wanting to be safe and not cause harm. But on a purely emotional level, this masked world we are witnessing is bad for communication, bad for the community, bad for connection, bad for mental health, bad for the planet and bad for our immune systems.

It is against our most primal instincts to breathe in the air our body has just expelled. Everyone, I am sure, would prefer to live in a world where they can see each other smile.

As above so below.

Living in a world where we are masking our truth is bad for communication, community, connection, mental health, the planet and probably our immune systems. From a spiritual point of view, our immune system is part of our birthright to Sovereignty and this can only be fully lived when we are aligned. In order to live in alignment, our thoughts words and actions need to serve our truth, not our fear. Every time we mask our truth, with a lie, or suppress it with self-denial or avoid it by distracting ourselves from the actions of our path - we come out of alignment. Modern-day pressures have caused us to live with masks some or all of the time. Now, in 2020 that is literally being manifested in physical form. I believe with all of my heart that if enough of us dive into the deep subconscious and heal the roots of why we hide our truth- then living in Covid masks can stop being manifested (with a safe solution) and more importantly the crisis of Masking our truth can also begin to repair.

Shadow work is inner activism - it is not focused on the cause and effect on why something is happening on the outside, rather it is an uprooting of the reason it is happening on the inside. In shadow work, the A to B of why or how that reflection happens in your physical reality is not the concern. There is always an a- to -b of how something happens - in this case, it the Covid- crisis is the a to b. In my experience when you heal it on a shadow level - in this case the reason we mask our truth - a new a- to- b solution simply arrives overtime to stop/resolve how it is physically reflecting in the map of your life.

I have experienced the incredible power of reality -transformation shadow healing can have. I am not saying it is the only solution or taking away from any efforts happening on the life-map level to resolve this. But I am writing this as a call to those who may resonate with what I am saying, things can be changed from the inside too. It will help and even if it doesn’t unmasking your own truth is going to lead to more alignment and fulfilment and freedom for you.

Ultimately it is as, if not more, important - for everything - that we address the Masking of our Truths crisis? I believe the right time to do this is now.

If you feel this call then my advise is:

*Open up to exploring and releasing the reasons why you have habitually masked your truth. Find those reasons in childhood, ancestral, collective conditioning and past life memories -you can do this through ceremony, alchemy healing, meditation or deep inner listening. Bring it as an intention to any shadow work ceremonies, webinars, one to ones held by practitioners you trust. *On a habitual level set the intention to live with more truth every day. You would be surprised at the power of intention for bringing up and out (from the shadows) what is in the way. *Notice your thoughts, words and actions and check in with your heart about if they are aligned with your truth. *Listen, listen, listen… to yourself. We have masked our inner truth the most! *Activate your Torus Fields -this will make it easier to stabilise and speak your truth. *Hold your truth in reverence and respect for a few moments each day. This will help you to start trusting that you can live from it. *Explore playful ways of expressing yourself - letting your expression free into the world once more.

In the meantime a very wise person pointed out to me recently that while we are physically masked we can learn other more subtle types of expression. We can learn to truly look into the eyes of each other and see the nuances of expression there. Embrace this wisdom and as you look into the eyes of each other. See the truth of someone else -in their eyes - the power of your witnessing will help them to unmask.

There are many other tools and ways to heal the shadow and live with more truth, please share them if they helped you. Please share this post if it resonates. Shadow work is the Inner Revolution. It can be hard and emotional, it requires courage, responsibility and facing of yourself. But any form of revolution inner or outer will always require courage, responsibility and facing your self and facing the society that you are part of.

Our Beautiful Unique Truths and the World they will Create are Worth It.


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