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Lockdown, Vibration and the Call to Prayer

Beautiful Starlight Tribe,

How are you?

For those of you in the UK how are you doing day two of Lockdown?

This weekend I had the most beautiful realisation - that Lockdown is such a wonderful opportunity to raise our vibration in time for the all - important - ascension

moment - of the 21st- December…

Here is a Little vlog about it:

I hope the perspective inspires you to raise your Vibration this lockdown… WE CAN DO THIS…

And we can have a wonderful time doing this…

If you would like support in Raising your Vibration then please join us for


Find out all the details here:

The mini one we did on the last full moon was on of the most sacred spiritual and beautiful experiences of my life!

Spaces are filling up well but we are in the UK and are lack filled spaces in our night time, so we are calling out to those beautiful souls around the world for help! In the UK or anywhere on Gaia please do pop over to the Sacred Space group for this event and please sign up your time slot - we start on Tuesday so we are busy getting the timetable arranged, thank you SO MUCH X

Kahreela x


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