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The Gateway of the Crown - A Free Activation

This New Moon is the start of what my Spirit Guides are calling the Gateway of the Crown.

This Gateway is a portal of time between this New Moon and the Lionsgateway which is the cosmic new year.

It is a portal through which the Codes of the Crowned Feminine and the Codes of Soul Sovereignty are entering the collective consciousness, which help each of us become more Sovereign in our truth.

The Lore of Sovereignty is that “Your Truth will be Bowed to”.

In this time where there is so much collective noise and chaos happening around us, in activating our TRUTH as a lore that will be bowed too feels essential to us being able to manifest new realities and live in alignment. It also feels particularly important in such unknown and trying times to develop our Sovereignty.


To assist in activating our Sovereignty which is especially impactful within the Gateway of Crown my Guides have said that people should practise this simple activation chant every day during the time of Gateway of the Crown. They say it will strengthen the immunity of your truth by filling your life force energy with the Sovereignty Codes of your Soul.

The original chant is in a Temple Light Language that could be described as the ‘Latin of the Universe”, it is the foundation of many different light languages.

The chant is a Call to the Sovereignty of your Soul. It translates as:

“I sing the light of my truth into the illusion, I rise and bow in all directions, to the truth of my soul, I am - I embody - the light of my soul”

My guides say it only needs to be spoken out loud for 5 -10 minutes per day and should be done every day between reading this email and the Lionsgateway on the 8th of August for maximum effect.

Here is the recording of the Activation, once you know the chant you do not need to listen over and over again but you can do if you like to, you can also speak the chant for longer periods per day if that feels right for you: I hope this Activation works really well for you and I would love to hear your feedback! Kahreela x



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