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The Rapture Rites

The Rapture Rites are amazing if you are feeling drained or burnt out from doing energy work, the preparation video (video 2 with accompanying sound) is particularly effective at training your energy body to hold higher vibrations and frequencies. Please watch the introduction video (video 1) to find out more about it and why my guides first bought it through originally as part of the Held in Prayer Transmissions.

Video 1:

It is VERY IMPORTANT that the preparation meditation itself (video 2) is done a minimum of 8 TIMES and then your Energy Body will be stable and prepared for the Rapture Rites Transmission (video 3).

Video 2:

Video 3:

After the transmission, it is highly recommended that if you want to keep strengthening your ability to hold the light, you continue with the daily practice preparation mediation (video 2) because many people have found it very helpful for the strengthening of their Energy Body and Energy Levels.



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