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Why is self work so important?

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Blog by Kahreela.

"Your Self-work is not Selfish it is SERVICE. Especially your shadow work…

"Your Self-work is not Selfish it is SERVICE. Especially your shadow work… The Planet is burning, the Seas are choked, The Soils are barren of nutrients, Everything is becoming more poisonous and we are letting leaders -that can only be described as mad kings- Rule us and Ruin us, We have to address the reasons why this is happening by looking into the depths of ourselves... We urgently have to do the shadow work! We have to face those pains, the ones that are so scary, that we do everything in our power to numb them we have to face the traumas that we spend whole lifetimes distracting ourselves from - avoiding them with cheap thrills, drama and screens We have to face the shames and guilts that keep us small the reasons why we hand our power over leaders We have to face the beliefs that keep us bound to systems corruption and the bitterness that is causing mass poisoning We have to face the separation that keeps us unloved, egocentric and disconnected. Because when we are numb to our own pain we are numb to the needs of the planet. When we are distracted we are living unconsciously When we hand our power over we are living irresponsibly When we live bound we serve the madness and block our paths from happening While we are bitter with the stories of the past we will keep competing Until we face the separation in ourselves we cannot live in harmonious connection with the Earth, Until we face those wounds of un-lovedness they will continue to vacuum life up through desperate over- consumption My guides often say that change can only happen through inner and outer activism So yes, do the outer activism! Give money and feel better for 5 mins Make new consumer choices and live better for a lifetime Give Gaia a voice by showing up in protest and March bravely in the face of looming fascism Do all of those outer things you can but please please, please also, do the inner activism because when you heal your own shadow you help the collective shadow to heal Shadow work is how you become the change It is time to uproot the causes and face them fearlessly This is my service It is your service It is our service and the way through.... "

Kahreela x


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