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You Were Made For These Times

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Channeled Guidance from Ancestors

"You that can lie in the Sun like the Lizard and go beneath the waves like the Dolphin You who can swim in salt, fresh, hot and cold waters! You that can sing like the birds Howl like the wolves and whisper like the snakes You who can sleep in the night and wake in the day and wake in the night and sleep in the day You that rush around like the Hummingbird can also hang around like the Sloth You that can be as focused as the Hawk and as playful as the puppy You that can use tools like the Elephant or create like the spider You who is as cunning as the Fox, as Brave as the Lion and as shy as the mouse You that can choose whether you are vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, carnivore or omnivore! You that can walk great distances like the camel and climb to the highest branches like the monkey You that can get as angry as the Bull and be as gentle as the Deer You that can be as silent as the Snail Or chatter like the crickets You can be as solitary as the Bear or as communal as the chickens You that thrives in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter! You, who is the great Adabiltible one… Why do you fear change? Have you forgotten who you are? Why do you fear change? Adaptability is what makes you human you were made to be ever-changing When you remember this When you stop fearing change No one will be able to control you… You were made for these times!"

Kahreela x


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