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Shadow Work Sets you Free!

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

This free webinar is one of bursting the myths of Shadow so that you become empowered in healing your shadow and use this understanding to liberate yourselves from blocks within your life and path.

Since all spiritual teachings need to be experienced included in Webinar is a beautiful soul landscaping journey where you will travel to the Akashic Crystal Temples and experience Temple Alchemy DNA healing on the ancestral wounds around freedom. There will be a plant frequency medicine transmission in order to raise your vibration up into a new reality.

The time is now for the Human Collective consciousness break out of the version of freedom that belonged to their past selves. Through Channeled Guidance and the Sacred process of Temple Alchemy, we will be releasing karmic and ancient wound patterns that have limited freedom in your life. Through crystal and plant frequency attunements we will be welcoming into embodiment the experience of what Freedom is in the future.

This Webinar is Overllighted By Goddess Isis and Support by the Tribe of the Kath, The Crystal Plant Kingdom and the Priests Priestess and Presti of Lumeria-Aquaria Lineage

This webinar is gifted to you with love from

Kahreela and The Starlight-Temple x



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