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Channeling - Mary Magdalene on Boundaries

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

What is in the highest good for me to know about Boundaries?

Dear child of love,

Priestess of Gaia’s will,

Boundaries are the act of making oneself sacred. They are expressed in many forms of grace, fierce grace, soft grace, silent grace, spoken grace but they are always grace.

Boundaries are not created by words and actions but by essence. Those who do not know how to set or express boundaries do not know because they do not know themselves.

For it is only through knowing thyself that you can express boundaries.

You will understand this from your own life. Look back across the history of your life - your past relationships, friendships and work partnerships. The less you knew yourself the fewer boundaries you had- is this not so dear one?

Boundaries are the edges of your divinity.

They go beyond morality

They go beyond who you think you should be.

They go beyond who you want to be and who you are afraid you might be.

They are irrelevant to ideas of identity

They come from and through the KNOWN self.

The known self is the wisdom of who you are

when you are willing to turn and meet thyself

Then you will see feel and know what your boundaries are.

When you are willing to turn to thyself

you turn in service to the love within

To the sacredness that is within you

to all that is rare about you.

Why do you use the word thyself in some of this message?

“Thyself” is the You beyond identity and attachment.

The you that has and always will be the love that lights up your eyes and heats your bellies.

The You that knows no fear. It is always fear that allows your boundaries to be crossed.

Fear of another's perception of you and more deeply the fear of hearing, seeing and feeling yourself.

The fear of knowing what is right for you and trusting the Lore of Divine Alignment -

what is right for you is right for everyone, because we are all one, it can only be so.

Why do we all struggle so much with boundaries?

Because you collectively believe they are created outwardly by words and actions. Because the feminine has been suppressed because you have been conditioned to fear, because you have been conditioned not to listen because you seek source outside of yourselves. There are many reasons but ultimately those who struggle with boundaries, struggle because in that area of their lives they do not yet know themselves.

Beyond the reasons of why you struggle- know that the solution is to turn inwards.

Know the centre from where all boundaries emanate and radiate.

Know the centre and the rest will come in the moment… the right words, the right degree of fierceness, the graceful expression of no.

You dear one have said many times “people will only protect the earth if they love her” the same is so for themselves.

People will only protect themselves if they love that which is the self.

Just as there are many ways to discover and fall in love with the earth. There are many ways to discover and fall in love with thyself but all of them involve turning inwards… just as all the ways to love the earth involve going outside.

Simply seeking the self in meditation, in prayer, in ceremony will take you to thyself. Be willing to know who you are as there you will find your boundaries. There you will find the sacredness and power of your yes and your no and beyond your words, the “halo” of self-love will speak louder than your vocal chords.

But I know many people that struggle with boundaries who do meditation, ceremony etc…?

They are seeking other things… they are seeking healing, salvation, spirit, guidance, God or peace to name a few.

If they seek to know themselves, as they are, to meet who they are. If they are willing to be un-judged as they search, if they are willing to discover themselves through discovery they will find love… self-love.

Then boundaries will come naturally, they will be a consequence of self-love. No longer will they need the love of others to sustain and support them. They will give love willingly because they love themselves freely.

They will sense that no actually means Know.

When the centre is met, when it is known ( seen heard and felt) the edges are defined. When the centre is not known the edges are blurry. Turn inwards your boundaries will resolve. Know thyself and all will align….

So much love you you



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