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Two Hearts - Channeling - Kah Tribe

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

“At this time you are living with two hearts.

A Piscean heart and an Aquarian one

The Piscean heart is dying and offering itself to the Aquarian heart that is birthing.

Ceremony is the way for these two hearts to communicate.

Because ceremony is the primal human language

it is the language of symbolism

and symbolism is how you explain

it is how you bridge

it is how you translate

how you find meaning

It is how you unite.

This is a time of uniting both selves

It is a time of two selves.

The primal human language of ceremony is the one that is

understood by the Piscean and by the Aquarian heart.

In ceremony they speak together and to each other.�

In ceremony grief and celebration become two flows of the same energy within this two-way - flow, the Piscean is able to dye and the Aquarian is able to birth.

In ceremony, these two hearts are magnetised together

they become a portal of your inner transcendence

Speak the primal language of symbolism as often as you can.

Be in ceremony with the moment as often as you can.

Set intention for this is how ceremony opens.

Give thanks for this is the simplest way for ceremony to close.

Feel within every emotion that is on the spectrum of grief

the sparkle of celebration that is the birthing of your Aquarian heart. “


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